10 Instagram Accounts Every Dog Person-Owner-Lover Should Follow

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Feb 12, 2016

best dog accounts to follow on instagram

These days, instagram is choc full of accounts that can keep any dog owner and lover busy for, well, a really long time...

Here are 10 instagram handles that feed our inner crazy dog person ... and we hope they do the same for you...

(We also don't wanna be the only ones looking at dog pictures online all day)...




cute dog picture instagram the dogist puppy

1.  The Dogist

The photog behind this account does incredible work.  The pics that are posted are pretty much canine headshots, and they're some of the best in show business.  If I was a dog actor, I'd want The Dogist shooting me.  We tip our hats - and raise our paws. @thedogist


funny dog pics funny dog meme barkbox barkshop barkpost

2.  BarkPost - The BarkShop - BarkBox

For one of the best dog blogs in town and the most pawesome dog products money can buy, this innovative and fun company is crushing it in the dog lifestyle space.  Their posts will either warm your heart, make you laugh, or show you something cool to get for your pup.  Any/all of their accounts are 100% worth a follow.


toast meets world funny dog fat jewish

3.  Toast Meets World

The best friend and recently wed daughter of the consistently lol enducing @fatjewish and his cool wife @the12ishstyle is a total babe...hang out with her (and her tongue). @toastmeetsworld


beautiful siberian husky handsome i heart miles instagram

4.  I Heart Miles

It's no secret that we're husky people.  And in the spirit of giving credit where it's due, enter Miles, a total Siberian heartbreaker with a pension for bow ties.  We like to think of him as a young Griff The Coolest (see #10 in this list...).  Hey Miles, here's to looking like you in the mirror, bud, you handsome freaking devil you. @iheartmiles


amanda seyfried dog finn instagram

5.  Amanda Seyfried and her best pal, Finn

If any young starlett shows more love for their respective canine pal than Amanda Seyfried, we'd be shocked.  Their bond will melt your heart, all the while making you proud to be a dog owner yourself. @mingey and @finnsite


dogs of instagram awesome dog pics

6. Dogs of Instagram

So this is definitely the most pawbvious one to make this list, but it's still a great account to follow for any dog owner - and it will certainly lead you to other dog accounts to follow ... WARNING: there's a good chance you'll be lost in the various levels of instagram dog lover inception in no time.


german shepherds of instagram remember gsds

7.  Remember Forever GSDS

The creative behind this account is pawesome at what she does/posts.  And her pack of pups is an insanely photogenic brood.  And if you happen to be a German shepherd person, then make this your next follow asap.  @rememberforever.gsds


best golden retriever pics rusty rodas instagram

8.  Rusty Rodas

Rusty the golden is like a well balanced cocktail.  He's the perfect mixture of fun and sophistication.  And his pictures are just as high quality as his attitude.  He's the Ron Burgundy of golden retrievers.  But don't take my word for it, San Diego.  See for yourself.  And stay classy.  @rustyrodas


active dog owners running with your dog sportleash on instagram

9. SportLeash

A little shameless self promotion never hurts.  Plus, we think we're pretty good at using the instagram machine to entertain active dog owners everywhere.  @sportleash


best siberian husky pics on instagram griff the coolest

10. Griff the Coolest. Aka Griffey. Aka Griff the Cool Guy. Aka The Coolest. Aka Ken Griffey Jr.

He was named after the recently inducted Hall of Famer himself.  And he's the reason we started SportLeash.  Check him out in all his cool (and increasing-with-age crankiness). And if you fall in love like everyone else does, don't say we didn't warn ya.  @griffthecoolest


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