About Us

Our SportLeash products were inspired by Mr. Sledmaster, the ultimate mushing dog, Griffey (who's pictured here). Griffey, who treats every leisurely jog as an Iditarod training session, made it well known that, as much of an athlete as I thought I was, he was certainly the best athlete in the family.  The problem was running, hiking, even walking with any of the regular or waist leashes on the market was a dreadful, one-handed, cumbersome experience.  So, we began to create products geared toward making this experience better. With all of the positive feedback and encouragement to make these available to everyone, the Sportleash brand was born! 

We set out to make the best active performance apparel for your everyday athlete. We've created innovative running vests, harnesses, and leash products that make it more efficient and more comfortable to walk, run, and hike with our furry friends.  

At the same time, Griffey thinks he's the Zoolander of dogs; he wants to look good while he's breaking a sweat. So we introduced the same fashionable, athletic-inspired style you see throughout any gym in America and fused it together with a sexy, sleek design.  Let me tell you, Griffey proudly holds his tail up high as he touts his SportLeash throughout the neighborhood. 

We take quality serious and know how much your pets mean to you. We use ONLY the absolute highest quality materials we can find. We're parents, and regardless of price, we spare no expense when making the best quality leashes. At the same time our products are proudly produced right here in the good ole United States!

If you have any suggestions, feedback, etc. we'd love to hear from you!

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