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SportLeash: At the Intersection of Quality, Function, and Style

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Apr 19, 2017

best dog leashes on the market

People are always asking us why our products are better. The simple answer is, we care.  We know what dog owners want and need because we were dog owners long before we started SportLeash.

And as lifelong dog owners, we determined that dog owners need and want products that have three key characteristics: quality, function, and a little bit of style to go with it...

Here's what we're talking about...


Our CEO likes to say "the devil is in the details."  And this is a mantra that we live by when we design our products using the highest quality materials we can find.

Like the nickel-plated stainless steel D-rings and snaphooks found on our leashes, collars, extenders and couplers that provide increased durability and decreased susceptibility to rust.

nickel plated hook and ring

Or the dry run technology on our innovative SportPack, that wicks away sweat six times faster than normal fabrics.  

dog hiking running pack

Even the plastic component parts are industrial grade and extra durable - and that's very helpful when you own some of the larger, stronger breeds - like the ones that have inspired us to do what we do.

durable strong plastic buckles side release

But quality alone isn't enough for us.  We want our products to not just hold up well, but to also make your life with your dog better, which bring us to...


For years, we've been a little baffled with the lack of functionality in the pet product marketplace.  So rather than sit on the sidelines and continue to wonder, we decided to do something about it...

Our 3 in 1 hands free leashes give you a variety of usage options and is extremely convenient for well, anyone really..

dog leash for grocery shopping

Because let's face it; nowadays, we all have something in our hands - and at SportLeash, we believe that our dog leashes don't have to be one of them.

So whether you're pushing strollers, carrying grocery bags, walking, running, hiking, or doing whatever with your four legged friend (the scenarios are endless), our hands free leashes make a ton of sense.

One of our favorite everyday uses is when we let our dogs out in the morning to do their business, and we can check our emails on our phones and drink our coffee and know our dogs are secure even though we're not holding our leash.

woman with coffee and phone and dog

Additionally, the function of clipping and un-clippling our neoprene lined handle makes fastening around poles and trees a breath of fresh air for every dog owner.  Say goodbye to the tedious (and often unsafe) task of trying to secure your pup outside of a coffee shop - unfastening and looping the leash around and through - while other dogs and humans are walking by...

best dog leash

clipping dog leash to trees and poles with ease

Click here to watch a short demo on how to adjust your SportLeash hands free leash.

For the traditional dog owner who prefers holding their leash, just hang on to the neoprene lined handle and feel the increased comfort that neoprene provides.  (Neoprene is the the material used in wetsuits, which is not only softer to the touch, but it's temperature/water resistant.)

comfortable dog leash handle

And there's more...

The short lead at the bottom gives you the option of keeping your best friend close, even when the leash is clipped around your waist, giving you the most optimal canine control.

dog leash with built in short lead

(Our handsome Siberian Husky, Griffey looks like he's really enjoying his new hands free leash in this picture.  Then again, he never met a camera lens he didn't like.)

The same neoprene found on our leash handles is also the liner of our SportCollar.  This provides for increased comfort for your dog, while also acting as an anti-water and scent agent.

comfortable dog collar with neoprene lining

With our extender accessory, we made sure to incorporate the short lead so that those who want to add additional length don't have to sacrifice function.  Our extenders come in a variety of color options that be found on our online store.

dog leash extender with lead handle

Have multiple dogs? No problem, we got you covered.  Our coupler series provides multi-canine control.

best dog leash for multiple dogs

For the more active dog owner, who regularly exercises with their dog and understands how cumbersome it is to hold personal belongings while handling your workout partner, we created the SportPack, which has pockets for your phone, poo bags, as well as a zipper pouch for credit cards, ID's, cash, keys and personal belongings.  It also has reflective strips for nighttime visibility and safety. (Scroll up for more detailed image of the SportPack).

best running pack for dog owners

(Btw...Even if you don't have a dog, the SportPack is a great substitute for exercise lovers that don't want to use that goofy armband to hold their music player.)

best pack for workout and exercise

The SportPack also comes with a detachable leash that can stand alone or clip onto the pack.  We've incorporated a durable bungee in the design of this leash for shock absorption in addition to a swivel mechanism that adjusts automatically to your canine's sudden movements when it is attached to the SportPack at the waist.

dog leash for running hiking


Lastly, since we got tired of seeing dog accessories in the same old color schemes and patterns, we sourced some of the most uniquely colored materials we could find, in order to give dog owners the options that have never been made available to them.  We manufactured our leashes in rare colorways, many of which are bright and much more visible at night.  This both sets you and your dog apart from the crowd while also increasing safety when the sun goes down and you're out cruising around with your pup. 

stylish dog leash

And keep in mind, all of our products carry a 100% guarantee.  We want you to know that we truly value your support and we stand by the products we make as dog owners, for dog owners.

Reach out to us anytime, we're social!  Get connected with Team SportLeash on:

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SportLeash: At the Intersection of Quality, Function, and Style

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