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The SportPack: One of a Kind, Literally

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Aug 07, 2015

hands free running sportpack sportleash

Back when SportLeash was just an idea, we knew that whatever we did, we didn't want our company to be like all the others.

We knew our focus would be on hands free products; so we first made a dog leash for running, hiking, walking, etc., but it has never been our intention to stop there.  There's plenty of dog leash and collar companies out there - a few other companies that make running dog leashes even - but what has always been important to us is being innovative, stylish, and most of all, functional - and to freshen up the pet industry, which despite seeing enormous growth in the last decade (due to a steady increase in pet ownership and people loving and spending money on pets like family), has remained fairly stale at the product level.  Especially when it comes to the hands free running dog leash and daily life/recreational leash market.

Hence!  Why we are extremely proud to have just unveiled the most recent addition to the product line - The SportPack - which is an innovative and functional item for dog owners that's truly one of a kind.

The SportPack takes the running dog leash to the next level by adding the bells and whistles that every dog owner needs.  Bringing the SportPack to market took our company from being just another running dog leash and collar company, to an innovative brand that has begun to execute on the vision we had when SportLeash was just an idea: to create new products for dog owners, specifically active ones (then again, what real dog owner isn't active?) - that made their lives with their best friends better.  As dog owners ourselves, we were never impressed with the running dog leashes and hands free stuff out there - and always felt there was a void here to be filled.

Currently, there is no accessory or dog leash for running, walking or everyday life on the market like the SportPack - certainly no product that comes close to offering the same level of comfort, style and functionality.

And we are extremely pleased that #TeamSportLeash has been as excited about it as we are.  For those of you who have shown interest and ordered a SportPack or one of our other running dog leashes or products already, we greatly appreciate you!

So what's all the hype with the SportPack about?  Why is it the best dog leash for running, walking, hiking, or doing anything with your dog? Here are a few key components...

sportpack by sportleash hands free dog gear

1.)  It is truly unique - no running dog leash can touch it - there nothing like it on the market.  Period.

2.)  It is extremely comfortable .. sitting on your lower back opposed to the front of your waist, it provides support like no other product of its kind.  It's extremely lightweight and adjusts to the perfect point where it always feels snug but never too loose or too tight.  No other dog leash for running or living feels this good when worn.

3.)  It has pockets for all your important belongings - keys, phone, wallet, IDs, poo bags, treats .. everything you'd need when out with your dog.

4.)  It is an exceptional value.  It comes with a detachable leash that you can use with the SportPack or as a standalone accessory.

5.)  It is made from the highest quality materials, right here in the USA.

6.)  It isn't just a running dog leash - The SportPack can be used with or without a dog!  My dog just turned 10, and sadly, she can't really run with me anymore - I still use my SportPack every day - running errands, at the gym, hiking ... It makes us feel good knowing that dog owners everywhere don't end up losing out on its value when they don't have man's best friend to use it with.

And these are just awesome facets about our new SportPack.  Feel free to check it out in further detail on our website here:

And as always, thanks for all the support!


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