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The SportCollar: Why Dogs and Their Owners Love It

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Aug 07, 2015

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People ask us all the time, what makes your products better or different?

The short answer boils down to three areas:  

1.) We focus on making sure our products look great. 2)  They function better.  And 3.)  The quality is superior.

No one argues that once a SportLeash product is in their hand, immediately you can feel that the quality and look is just simply a cut above the rest.

Take our SportCollar for example.  First and foremost, we went out and sourced the most uniquely colored nylon we could find so that the colorways are much more robust and look better on our dogs.  And we have multiple options to choose from so dog owners aren't pigeon-holed into the same old colors that have always been available.  

Even with our unique color schemes, it may at first still appear like just another nylon dog collar, but the SportCollar is far from.  It is both a waterproof dog collar and an odorless dog collar as well.  In order to accomplish this, we took a strip of the highest quality neoprene and lined our collars with it - to a.) enhance comfort for your dog while b.) also increasing functionality.  Neoprene is the material used in wetsuits; it is designed to be waterproof - so we incorporated it to take our SportCollar to the next level by turning it into a waterproof dog collar.

But the benefits of using neoprene didn't stop there.  Neoprene is an extremely durable material.  It is also scent resistant, so using it in our design additionally made our SportCollar an odorless dog collar.  And any dog owner knows how wet and dirty dogs get - so having a collar that doubles as a waterproof dog collar AND an odorless dog collar, is extremely beneficial.

Sure, over time, wear and tear will happen with any product.  But we'd hold our SportCollar up against any and all - so much so that it comes with a 100% guarantee.  Because we know that you and your dog will be more than happy with the odorless dog collar, the waterproof dog collar, the stylish, high quality dog collar, known as the SportCollar.

We'd also like to thank you for reading this post, and all the posts we share with you!  To show our appreciation, for those of you who have been looking for or are interested in an odorless dog collar - or even a waterproof dog collar - for your pup, use discount code NEOPRENE20 at checkout and you'll get 20% off an odorless dog collar or waterproof dog collar of your choice.  After all, you and your pup deserve the best!  So get your SportCollar asap and increase the style and function of your dog's wardrobe today!


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