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Finding The Best Dog Leash For The Active Dog Owner

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Jul 29, 2015

stylish dog leash for running

It's not easy finding a good dog leash as an active dog owner - especially one who appreciates style.  

Most of the leashes on the market for active dog owners either function well and don't look great, or look great and don't provide the best functionality.

It was one of the main reasons we started SportLeash - aside from loving dogs and being lifetime dog owners ourselves, we saw a huge void in the active pet community - the options for a jogging dog leash that was also a stylish dog leash were limited.  We've used tons of products over the years - in an effort to find the best dog leash for jogging that was also a stylish dog leash.  We eventually decided one day that if we couldn't find a product that optimized fashion and function, it was time to do it ourselves.

We toyed with many stylish dog leash prototypes that also functioned highly as a dog leash for jogging (or hiking or running or simply walking!) until we perfected our first hand free ultra functional stylish dog leash - and jogging dog leash - called the Recreation Pro.

stylish dog leash for running sportleash

The goal was simple.  Make a dog leash for jogging or for every dog owners active lifestyle that was not only well made and utilitarian - but cool looking.  Because the reality is it's important to have quality, durable and good looking dog gear when you're taking your dog everywhere.  It's always been our goal to be like the Under Armour or Nike of the dog products world.  And while leashes are just one area of our focus - we feel we are heading in the right direction.

So when you are looking for a dog leash for jogging or a stylish dog leash of your own, make sure you keep a few things in mind.  You want a leash that is easy to adjust for hands free use.  You also want one that is well made so you don't have to worry about it falling apart.  Also, buying a leash that has a solid warranty is also important, in case something happens and you need to replace it.  Lastly, you want a stylish dog leash - one that looks good over time, or one that you can wash - because as a dog owner, you know your dog will get it dirty.

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