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The Sport Dog Collar Known as the SportCollar

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Jul 22, 2015

While there are an infinite amount of dog products to choose from, we were never able to find many styles for the active dog owner in particular.

As a dog owner myself, I was always looking for a good sport dog collar - because I'm a sports fan, I exercise regularly with my dog, and have always liked the sportier style in general.  So myself and my fearless leader and fellow dog owner/co-founder, Renny, decided that if we couldn't find cool accessories on the market - like a sport dog collar for example - then we'll just have to figure out a way to make them ourselves.  (Plus we knew how pawesome our dogs would look in a baller-colored sport dog collar of their own.)

And that's sort of how SportLeash came to be.  We really just strive to put products in the hands of dog owners everywhere that make their active lives with their dogs better - and more stylish.  

So we started with our hands free leash - known as the Recreation Pro.  But we knew we couldn't sel a sporty leash without a sport dog collar to go with it - so we designed and started making a sport dog collar which we creatively call the SportCollar.

Part of our problem as dog owners has always been the lack of options in the market.  Every sport dog collar that we found for our dogs over the years was either blue or red or brown/black leather. But having the same sport dog collar and leash colors to choose from got old quick.  So when we decided to start making our versions of the sport dog collar, we wanted to make sure that dog owners had options.

Turns out, the our sport dog collar color options are kind of similar to the Nike or Under Armour shoes Renny and I are both seen frequently wearing.  Our current sport dog collar aka SportCollar colorways are the following:

sportleash sportcollar sport dog collar orange dog collar

sportleash sportcollar sport dog collar neon dog collar

sportleash sportcollar sport dog collar blue dog collar

sportleash sportcollar sport dog collar neon pink dog collar

sportleash sportcollar sport dog collar black dog collar

sportleash sportcollar sport dog collar black dog collar

sportleash sportcollar sport dog collar black dog collar


It's tough to say what SportCollar color combos we'll come up with next - but one thing is for sure - we will always make sure you have options.

Which SportLeash sport dog collar (SportCollar) is your favorite?  Leave us your comments in the box below!

And if you have one of our SportCollars, we want to personally thank you!  We hope you are enjoying our version of the sport dog collar.  Keep in mind, if you take a picture and hashtag or @ us at SportLeash, we'll feature you and/or your pup on our site! 

And as always, we love staying connected with you so hit us up @SportLeash on:

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