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Not All Dog Collars Were Created Equal [SCROLL DOWN FOR DISCOUNT CODE]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Jul 17, 2015

comfortable neoprene dog collar sportcollar 

Ever wonder how your dog feels about his or her dog collar?  Us too!

Unfortunately, until dogs learn how to speak our language, we'll never know for sure.  In the meantime, any dog owner should know that using a dog collar doesn't make you a bad dog owner.  I say this because in recent years, dog harnesses have become extremely pupular - since many people seem to think they are more humane because of the comfort they give the dogs.

But is this totally true?  Not exactly.  Dog necks are strong and full of muscle - putting a dog collar on a dog doesn't have the same effect as it would around a human.  Regardless, at SportLeash, we recognized that most collars are uncomfortable in general, so we decided to make ones that were.  

That's why we pride ourselves on our neoprene lined sport dog collar appropriately called the SportCollar - Not only is neoprene a scent and water resistant material, it is also extremely comfortable and soft.  So it's great for walking, running, hiking or doing anything with your pooch.  Our dogs love wearing them!  And if you don't have a neoprene lined dog collar of your own, but think your dog would love one, you can check out our entire collection here.

And to show that we appreciate you checking out our SportBlog, you can use the code NEOPRENE20 to purchase a dog collar from us, and we'll give you 20% off.

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