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The Breakdown: Why Dogs Need Exercise [5 REASONS]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Jul 02, 2015

benefits of exercise with dogs why dogs need to exercise

It's important for humans to exercise regularly, and the same goes for our canine friends.  

But how/why, specifically, is physical activity good for dogs?  Here are 5 ways:

1.)  Exercise can improve bone and joint health.

2.)  A dog that exercises regularly rests more calmly at home and is less anxious when left alone.

3.)  It can improve heart and lung function.

4.)  It's not all physical!  Like humans, dogs get mental release and stimulation from exercise - so if you have a show dog, they are going to be much more appealing to judges as they feel and look their best after regular exercise.

5.)  Exercise cures boredom!  Dogs don't have the option of doing what they want like we do - and a dog that isn't bored is a dog that lives a more fulfilled, happier life - and that only leads to a better relationship with you and man's best friend!

Note:  Excessive exercise is not always good either.  Many dogs, including my own boxer, have suffered hip and knee injuries from jumping around too much.  The best exercise balances both physical and mental stimulation - aka a nice walk before or after some dog training.

Whether you have two legs or four, it's all about a well-balanced, healthy life.


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