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Missouri Woman Finds Dog After 4-Month Search [NEWS]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Apr 23, 2015

dog reunited with owner after four month search

Four months.  Three states.  120 miles.  And a reunion that felt like a miracle.

That's what 23 year old Rachel Kelsey experienced this month, when she was reunited with Tex, her best friend/the dog she rescued from a local animal shelter in Houston last year.

Rachel and Tex were unfortunately sideswiped by a truck while driving in Texas this past December.  She had moved to Texas from Kansas City, Missouri for an intership opportunity.  Immediately after getting into the car accident, Tex was nowhere to be found.  

"“We looked for him for three hours, and we just couldn't find him," Kelsey told a local news station.  

Kelsey eventually returned to Missouri, and soon after, received the phone call of a lifetime.  A local shelter in Hearne, TX, about 120 miles from Houston (shoutout to all the local animal shelters and wonderful people working in them) had found Tex and confirmed it was him by checking a microchip embedded in his skin.  They called Rachel to inform her of the news - and that they were holding her pup, who was healthy, happy, and ready to be picked up.

“I ran to my dad and started crying ... I couldn't believe it ... After four months, I had no hope that I would find him, or that he'd be in such good health or anything, so this is beyond a miracle."

This past Saturday, Rachel and a friend traveled to the shelter in Hearne to retrieve her lost bestie.

And that, ladies is gentlemen, is why it's always a good idea to "chip" your pups.

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Image and story cred:  ABC, Yahoo, Good Morning America




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