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5 Ways Your Dog is An Awesome Wingman

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Apr 15, 2015

ways that dogs make great wingmen

It's no secret to any dog owner that our dogs can be the best wingmen (and women).  Here are 5 ways/places that "wingdogs" can help...

Now a few things to take note of before reading this post.  First of all, to the ladies ... the term "wingmen" is just a general term but it applies to you too!  This just isn't just for the men out there.  And secondly, this isn't just about dating or expanding your social umbrella.  "Wingmen" are helpful for networking and business benefits as well.

No matter who or what you're looking for, your dog is there to help open doors!  After all, no one loves you and wants to help you more than your pup...

1.)  At the vet

meeting people at the veterinary office

Any time you bring your dog to the vet, there's a good chance there will be other dog owners in there doing the same.  And almost every time, your dog is going to socialize with the other dogs in the waiting room.  And there's your in!

2.)  Out for a walk

benefits of walking your dog meeting new people cardio health

Not only is walking a great way to bond with your dog, (in addition to being extremely beneficial from a cardiovascular/physical perspective) it's one of the best ways to meet people.  In fact, it's scientifically proven that the likelihood of meeting a stranger with a dog is far greater than without.  Think about how difficult it is to walk up to a complete stranger on the street without being a creep! - this is especially true for men approaching women - But having a dog by your side is the best way to spark up a conversation with someone you've never met.  "Aww, your dog is adorableeeeee."  "Thank you, I'm Matt."

3.)  At the dog park

dog parks are great place to meet people

This is an absolute no brainer, right?!  Unless you are a complete social misfit or don't like people (which btw you shouldn't be going to a dog park if that's the case) you are bound to meet people at the dog park.  And the best part about it is that you already share a common interest with whoever you meet there.  You both love dogs!

4.)  At your local dog friendly bar, restaurant or coffee shop

dog tied up outside bar restaurant coffee shop meeting people

You have no idea how many times I've seen someone tie their dog up outside a bar, restaurant or coffee shop and before you know it, there are swarms of people around the dog.  It happens all the time.  So if you're having trouble meeting people at bars and restaurants, bring your dog next time and find a nice spot for your pooch to post up.

5.)  Dog obedience school

meeting people at dog obedience training school

Dog training schools often work with dogs in groups, which means that you're bound to meet other dog owners whose pups need the same training yours does.  So not only do you share the common interest of having a dog, you share the common interest that your dogs need similar attention.  And this gives you plenty to talk about off the bat...

Now get out there and meet some people!

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