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A 10th Birthday Homage to Griffey: The Husky Who Inspired SportLeash [GALLERY]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Apr 14, 2015

amazingly beautiful adult siberian husky blue eyes

As many of you know by now, the face of SportLeash, and our inspiration to create awesome dog products for dog owners like you, is our Siberian husky, Griffey.

Griffey was named after Ken Griffey Jr., one of the greatest baseball players in history - and one of the most memorable athletic figures of our generation.  As kids, we all wanted his elusive rookie card - it actually hangs on the wall of our SportLeash office to this day..

And today, April 14th, 2015 is Griffey's 10th birthday!  And while he may be old on paper - 70 years old in human years - he looks and feels younger than ever!  Not to mention he is in amazing physical condition from living such an active life...

Like many dogs do for their owners, Griffey has brought so much joy to our lives; in particular the life of SportLeash CEO, Renny, Griffey's dad ...  So in honor of the birth of The Dog, The Noble Man, The Best Friend, The Son, and The Icon that he is ... we present to you ... 

An Ode to the Coolest: Griffey

It all started when he was a puppy, in need of some serious training ... With those devil eyes, Renny thought he was doomed...

siberian husky puppy crazy face

But after lots of obedience training (and occasional tough love), Griffey grew into an extremely well behaved companion and friend...And a very handsome one to say the least.  (It's really almost unfair how good looking he is.)  But hey, life isn't always fair ... High five, Griff!

siberian husky cute high five paw

Like many dogs, he developed a serious love for Peanut Butter ... 

siberian husky eating peanut butter

What Griffey doesn't love? Squirrels. In fact, seeing a squirrel is when all that obedience training we were talking about goes out the window.  In both the following pictures, he is thinking nothing but "squirrel sandwich."

siberian husky chasing squirrel

siberian husky chasing squirrel funny

Speaking of "out the window", one of the best days of Griffey's life, was the day that his dad, Renny, bought a convertible...He loves cruising top down and is all smiles with that cool breeze on his fur!

siberian husky sitting in convertible

We told you ... He can't get enough of the convertible ... "Cuz I'm happyyyyyyy!"

siberian husky smiling in convertible car

He certainly knows how to get what he wants...

siberian husky looking cute on owners lap

One of his favorite places to go hang out is the dog park ... He's always on the lookout for poodles especially ... Aside from huskies, it's his favorite breed ... He can't get enough of them!

siberian husky at dog park

You see what we mean about the poodle thing?!  It's borderline weird sometimes, but hey, we all have a type right?!!

siberian husky chasing poodle on hike

After the dog park, Griffey loves to wind down and work on his tan at the beach...

siberian husky posing at the beach

And since dog sledding really isn't an option in Southern California, Griffey also enjoys a good hike ... But most of the time we think he just likes to pose among beautiful scenery...

siberian husky posing during hike

If he needs a pick me up before a hike or run, the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is his go-to.  And he's not a happy camper when PSL season has past...

siberian husky sitting in front of starbucks

Griffey is so cool, he even loves hanging with the boys and watching the game ... Of course, his favorite teams are UCONN and Washington ... Go Huskies!

siberian husky watching tv march madness

He's also a huge fan of NFL football, and since his dad is from Pittsburgh, he has no choice but to root for the Steelers...

funny siberian husky watching football on TV

And he's always been a healthy eater, as you can see by the brussel sprouts in his bowl.  After all, how else could he maintain such a boyish figure?!

siberian husky eating brussel sprouts

One of his most favorite foods is carrots ... We've actually lost track of how many he's eaten ... 

siberian husky waiting to eat carrots in bowl

Griffey's vanity may be his ONLY character flaw.  Then again, if you were as beautiful as him, you'd stare at yourself in the mirror every once in a while too...

siberian husky looking at himself in the mirror dog vanity

Maybe he does have a slight problem with looking in the mirror ... But at least he takes time out of his busy day to hit the gym ... Beauty isn't easy after all ... 

beautiful vain siberian husky starting at himself in mirror

But every once in a while, even the most beautiful of species can get caught with their guard down...

beautiful siberian husky caught making an ugly face

Griffey has always been more like a human than a dog ... A human with exquisite tastes that is...

siberian husky sitting in chair at dinner table like person

He's also a very talented contortionist ... We often find him laying in this position.  It's definitely one of his favorites ...

siberian husky laying down contorting body

And you don't get the nickname "The Coolest" for nothin'!  Griffey has always had a slight edge to him ... 

siberian husky wearing backwards hat looking cool

siberian husky wearing hat backwards snapback

But he's not always "too cool for school" ... well, yes he is ... BUT ... he has a great sense of humor ...

siberian husky wearing siberian husky mask

And as nap time becomes more of a common theme in his daily life, so does his transformation from dog to full blown human...

siberian husky sleeping like human head on pillow

Always with his husky sleeping mask at his bedside...

siberian husky sleeping like person with head on pillow

siberian husky sleeping in bed like person

We're starting to think he doesn't even know he's a dog...

siberian husky sleeping under the covers like person

But no matter how old in years he gets, he will always be a puppy at heart ... As you can tell by the way his dad still holds him to this day...

owner holding full grown siberian husky like baby

So cheers to you, Griff.  And thank you for all the years of joy and smiles you've given us.  Happy 10th Birthday, Cool Guy!  We hope you live forever.  This bone's for you!

If you think these pics are cool, you should see his profile!  Just follow him on Instagram @Griffthecoolest ... Obviously.

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