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Wolf-Dog Hybrids [IMAGE GALLERY]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Apr 09, 2015

adult wolf dog full grown hybrid dog wolf

One of the dog breeds I've always been fascinated by, is the Wolf-Dog hybrid.

While it is not 100% known for certain, according to numerous credible sources, dogs are direct descendants of the wolf.  Makes sense to me.  See infographic below...

dog wolf ancestry family tree

So here is a gallery of some of my favorite web images that feature great looking Wolf-Dog hybrids.  These animals are unreal!  (They're actually real, but you know what I'm saying...)

true wolf dog

How about them eyes???!

black wolf dog

A black wolf dog ... A very slender, toned one I might add ...

wolf dog hybrid puppies

Wolf dog puppies ... I don't know about you, but I want one!

wolf dog hybrid image

A picture perfect adult wolf dog hybrid...

wolf dog hybrid beautiful

I would want to pet this wolf dog, but I would probably just run away...

wolf dog puppy image

Another wolf dog puppy with beautiful coloring ... wish I knew what this little one looked like as an adult!

adult wolf dog hybrid image

Simba?  Is that you?  (I know Simba is a lion but still ... )


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