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Golden Retrievers Keep Injured Lady Safe Until Help Arrives [NEWS]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Apr 06, 2015

golden retrievers stay with fallen owner until help arrives

This dog news story is kind of an oldie ... but still a goodie.

When 76-year-old Judy Muhe fell and hit her head in her kitchen this past October, she was lucky two of her friends with there - her two golden retrievers friends that is.

Muhe suffers from Parkinson's disease, and because she bruised her head and shattered her shoulder in the fall, spent the next two days going in and out of consciousness.  Thankfully, her two goldens, Higgins and Dodger, were there to recognize that she needed help and laid with her to keep her warm and safe until some human help arrived.

"The main thing was they let me know I was not alone," Muhe told ABC News. "[Higgins] laid up against my back, and Dodger laid on my feet and legs ...I don't know what I would have done without them ... I just love my dogs so much."

The first person on the scene 48 hours later was Muhe's friend, Kathy Jacobs, who, after calling the house several times with no answer, entered the home using a key Muhe had given her and found the 76-year-old on the floor.  

"When I came in, we found her right away on the floor," Jacobs told ABC News. "The dogs were right here with her. They actually ran to the door and then they ran back to where she was, like showing us that she was there."

Muhe has since had surgery to repair the shoulder and from what we understand, her and her pups are doing well.

Pays to have great friends - with two legs and four!

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(Note:  Golden retrievers in image above are not the dogs mentioned in this story.)

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