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Rottweiler Can Walk Again Due to Prosthetic Limbs [NEWS]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Mar 30, 2015

 quadruple amputee dog can walk again


According to Daily Mail, "A quadruple amputee Rottweiler named Brutus is getting the chance to walk again thanks to a new set of artificial limbs."

How cool is that??!!

Brutus is actually just the second dog in recorded history to have four prosthetic limbs.  Brutus' condition was a result of getting frostbite in all four paws at an early age - only to have his first owner maim him after unsuccessfully trying to amputate the damage himself.

But thanks to some wonderful doctors and people like Laura Aquilina, Brutus' current foster mom, the handsome and disabled rottweiler is getting another shot at walking - and hopefully at just being a dog.  

Aquilina, who lives with Brutus in Loveland, Colorado, is training him to walk again, with greater hopes of getting him to a level of being able to run around and go on hikes and play, just like dogs do without disabilities.  

"It's not always pretty," she said. "We want to be able to give him a higher function where he can run and play with other dogs, go on hikes ... "If he ended up in a shelter they'd say he was un-adoptable because he's missing his feet," she continued.  "I think its good for people to know we can work with animals like this."

Brutus' story certainly gives hope to many animals currently living with disabilities.  His artificial limbs were made by OrthoPets of Denver, which makes prosthetic limbs for roughly 250 animals around the world each year.

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 Image and story credit: Daily Mail




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