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Firefighters Save Rescue Dog With .... Pizza! [NEWS STORY]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Mar 20, 2015

dog rescued 8 days after new york building fire 

It's no secret....the key to many people's hearts - and dogs too - is pizza!  

Firefighters in Schenectady, New York rescued a dog named Zeus this week, who was miraculously found still alive eight days after a building at 102 Jay St. was demolished in a massive fire.  Firefighters discovered him peeking out of a window on the 4th floor while they were combing through the damaged property.

Naturally, Zeus was extremely pensive; so the firemen figured that the best way to lure and save him was some good old human food.  And pizza nonetheless, one of the best human foods around.  Certainly much better than kibble!

”We were able to get up there and lure him out with a little bit of pizza of all things,” explained Schenectady Fire Chief Raymond Senecal.  Senecal went on to say, as any smart dog person would assess, that Zeus was probably "a bit hungry" so offering food was the best way to get the nervous dog out safely.

Soon after they brought him out, Zeus' owner, Stacey Lydon, arrived on the scene for an awesome reunion.

Lydon mentioned that luck has always been on Zeus' side - she had adopted him after she found him astray - and that a coworker had been watching him at the apartment on Jay St. when the fire happened.  Lydon is not a resident of that building.

“I never gave up hope. I really didn't. Without any signs of a body, I would never stop looking for him,” said Lydon.

Finding Zeus was exactly the kind of uplifting news that firefighters and families/friends of Jay St. needed among what had been a tragic happening.

Thank Dog for Zeus!

SportLeash would also like send our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the Jay St. fire.

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