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Awesome Story: Rescued Pup Leads Rescuers to 11 Other Abandoned Dogs

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Mar 16, 2015

abandoned dog saves 11 other dogs

This is such an awesome story!

A black abandoned dog, who had been living in a city park in the Dallas, TX area, led animal rescuers through the woods and eventually to 10 stray puppies and their mother.  

And it was truly the abandoned dog that led them there!

The black dog, who has been appropriately named Hero, was on the radar of animal rescuers in recent weeks who saw him living in a nearby park.  But everytime the rescuers got close to Hero, he would bark at them and begin to run away.  Finally, after noticing something different was going on, the rescuers followed him into the woods.

According to dog behaviourist John Miller, "Every time we got closer he would go away and bark at us and say, you know, 'keep coming keep coming my way.'"  It was as if Hero was telling them to keep following him into the dense woods.

And follow Hero they did.  Eventually, the rescuers heard squealing in the distance until they stumbled upon a litter of 10 puppies, along with their mother, in a burnt out tree in the brush.

"He led us there.  He took us to the puppies.  That was exactly what he was trying to do," Miller said.

"It really is a miracle," said animal rescuer Marina Tarashevsce.

The 10 puppies, their mother and Hero are all safe and warm at Dallas DogRRR - Rescue, Rehab, Reform.

And hopefully, have nothing but love, happy new homes, and bowls full of food in their future...

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