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Florida Police Save Dog Tied to Train Tracks

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Mar 05, 2015

Three cheers to the Tampa Bay Police Department, who rescued an abandoned dog that had been tied to railroad tracks on Wednesday.

tampa police save dog tied to railroad tracks

(Tampa police Sr. Sgt. Rich Mills holds Cabela after she was rescued from train tracks Wednesday.)

Tampa police were able to stop an oncoming train just in time to rescue a dog named Cabela, who was found wounded by multiple gun shots and tied to train tracks with a belt in Florida on Wednesday.  Cops received multiple calls about gun shots being fired and were eventually able to rescue the wounded pup, who they first named R&R but later called Cabela.  

Despite being shot twice in the shoulder and neck area, Cabela is going to recover - woohoo! - but will unfortunately have one leg amputated.  

So far no arrests have been made or suspects indentified.  (Blogger sidenote:  What is going on with people that they feel the need to shoot a dog?  So sad.  However, we are soooo happy to report this story for the sole reason that Cabela is going to make a healthy recovery.)

And HUGE props to Tampa police and to the Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Center.  Team SportLeash salutes you!

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