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3 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Walk With Your Pet

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Mar 05, 2015

Gone are the days of walking your dog ... It's all about walking WITH your dog!

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As dog owners, we look at our pups as family ... and we also know how important it is to ensure that our families live healthy lifestyles.  Which is why walking your dog isn't just about your dog - it's about you too!

Here are 3 awesome reasons why walking with your dog is so important.

1.)  Walking is healthy

Dogs aren't the only ones that should go on regular walks.  Humans should too!  Walking is great for cardiovascular and mental health - the benefits have long been proven.  According to the American Heart Association, walking is "the simplest positive change you can make to effectively improve your heart health."  And I would be willing to bet the same goes for our canine companions.  The more you walk together, the more heart healthy you both will be.

2.)  Walking is a social activity, and social activity is good.

It's a fact that you meet more people when walking with your dog versus walking by yourself.  People love dogs (well, most people) and are much more likely to start a conversation with a stranger who has a dog than one without.  You might even score a date or two!   Furthermore, dogs need socialization.  According to the ASPCA, "Well-socialized puppies usually develop into safer, more relaxed and enjoyable pet dogs."  Going for regular walks can really help socialize your dog.  NOTE:  Start walking with your pups as early as possible - even as early as 3 weeks - it gets them accustomed/comfortable to a society of people and other animals.  The earlier the better!

3.)  Walking equals Bonding!

If you want to bond with your best friend, walking is a great way to do it, no matter what kind of pet you have.  Cats walk too apparently; just ask my uncle Doug who's been a dog owner for 40 years and now walks with his recently adopted cat - he may be an anomaly - and he does have a tattoo of one of his late boxers face on his calf - HOWEVER, his two dogs passed away in the last few years and a cat showed up on his door step.  And he's been taking him on walks since day one.  And not coincidentally, my uncle Doug is the only person that cat likes!   Walking is a great way you can bond with your dog, cat, or whatever pet you have.

Moral of the story - go for a walk!  And make sure to take your dog, cat - or animal - with you.

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