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Presidential Pups [IMAGES]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Feb 16, 2015

Having a dog in the White House is nothing new - in fact, 32 of the 43 Presidents in US history - over 74% - had a pup.  (Many even had a few!)

president obama with dog and kids

Founding Fathers like George Washington, Abe Lincoln, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson ... as well as more modern day Presidents like John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush and Barack Obama - among many other leaders of the free world - all found comfort and companionship in man's best friend.

Check out the following gallery of some of the most historic (and powerful) pups in United States history.

7 Presidents and their Pups

President Abraham Lincoln and Fido (Dachshund)

president abraham lincoln dog

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fala (Scottish Terrier)

president franklin roosevelt and dog

President John F. Kennedy with one of his pups at the beach

president john f kennedy and dog

President Ronald Reagan and Lucky (Bouvier des Flandres)

president ronald reagan and dog

President Bill Clinton and Buddy (Chocolate Lab)

president bill clinton and dog

President George W. Bush and Barney (Scottish Terrier)

president george w bush and dog

President Barack Obama and Bo (Portuguese Water Dog)

president barack obama and dog

Happy Presidents Day to everyone on Team SportLeash and a special shout out to President Barack Obama and all Our Leaders who have gone before!

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