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These 10 Dogs Are Trying to Hide from Their Owners [IMAGES]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Feb 12, 2015

While some dogs can be good at hiding, most are pretty easy to find.  

These 10 mutts think no one can see them.  But we definitely can.

1.)  "Can someone just scoop some sand on my butt??"

boxer dog buried in sand

2.)  "I can't see them so they definitely can't see me..."

husky hiding behind curtain

3.)  "Nothing to see here but a few couch cushions."

dog hiding in couch

4.)  "Pay no attention to the dog butt behind the curtain."

dog behind blinds

5.)  "Hopefully they don't turn this thing on."

dog hiding in dryer

6.)  "Sometimes I hate having a big butt."

dog hiding under bed

7.)  "I'm a husky, don't you know I like it cold?  Btw...Do you need the mustard?  If not, close the door."

husky hiding in refrigerator

8.)  "Something tells me this isn't a great hiding spot..."

german shepherd trying to hide

9.)  "Don't move, whatever you do, don't. move."

dog hiding under bed but not hiding well

And the undisputed champion of dog hide and seek...

10.)  "HAHAHAHA, You guys will NEVER find me!  (Just please don't step on me.")

chameleon dog!

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