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5 Helpful Tips for Safely Running With Your Dog

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Feb 11, 2015

I certainly don't love running, but I've grown to love running with my dog.  

man running with dog using hands free leash

In addition to being a great way to exercise my pup (and myself), I've learned a lot about the best and safest ways for us to run together.

So this blog post is for you, Super Athletes.  Here are 5 helpful tips for running with your dog.  I hope you find it useful - and as always, thanks for reading our SportBlog!

Running With Your Dog - 5 Helpful Tips

1.)  Traffic

Make sure you are always aware of the direction and flow of traffic and where your pup is in relation.  Obvious, right?  You'd be surprised how easy it is to get lost in those headphones - make sure your pup is running inside of you at all times, away from traffic.

2.)  #1 and #2

Has your pup gone to the bathroom before your run?  It's always good to know that your pup won't make a sudden pit stop while you're mid-stride.  

3.)  Water

This is for you and your dog.  Make sure you both have had adequate amounts of water before exercising.  And on hot days, you might want to consider bring water with you in case you or your pup needs a drink.  Too inconvenient to hold a water bottle while running?  We get it.  It's why we created the SportPack - check it out here.

4.)  Know the Route & How Far Your Dog Can Go

Did you map out the safest and most appropriate route in advance?  How far is your dog capable of running?  Dogs will often suppress pain (it's a survival tactic bred in them) - make sure you know how far your dog can go so you don't go too hard/far and cause hip, knee, or joint injury that's common to many canines.  Dog bodies aren't like humans in the sense that it's ok to "push the limits."  Beyond injury, it can result in costly vet bills down the road!

5.)  Use the Right Equipment

Before we launched SportLeash, we could never find the most suitable equipment to run with our dogs.  We'd tie leashes around our waists or most often, be holding it in one hand while having a phone or Ipod with music in the other - and poo bags flying out of our pockets.  It was not only inconvenient and uncomfortable, but it was dangerous.  Juggling too many things in your hands during exercise is never a good idea.  It's definitely in your best interest to get a hands free leash IE the SportLeash Recreation Pro (pictured below in the blue and yellow colorway) that allows you to have maximum control and still be attached to your best friend.  Keep in mind, we're making products for dog owners, as dog owners ourselves. 

Bonus Hint - Using the right equipment also means knowing your equipment.  Make sure your leash is the right length.  If it's too short, you could trip over your dog.  If it's too long, you could trip on the leash.  (Need a little additional length to your leash?  Check out our SportLeash Extender series here.)

sportleash recreation pro dog leash hands free leash

For more tips on exercising with your dog, be sure to check us out @SportLeash on:

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