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Big Dog vs. Little Dog & The Food Bowl Showdown [VIDEO]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Feb 10, 2015

It's the big dog versus the little dog in an epic battle over a food bowl.  But who will prevail?  David or Goliath?  (Regardless, it's great entertainment!)

little dog defends food bowl

As the bigger dog approaches what appears to be the tiny dog's bowl of food, the little one just stands his ground - Literally, he stands on top of his food while barking at the bigger animal like a boss!

There's a few scenarios that I can think of which are at play here:

Scenario 1:  The big dog already ate and is bullying around his smaller friend.

Scenario 2:  This little dog is just a mean little son of a gun with a serious Napoleon complex.

Scenario 3:  The little dog is simply scared (yet also brave) - and doesn't want anyone near his meal.

Scenario 4:  Maybe it was the big dog's turn to eat and the little dog is the bully?

Which scenario do you think is most correct?  Check out the video and leave some comments below!  

(Special thanks to our friend Nicole for sharing this one with us.)

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