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Dangerous Foods for Your Dog, Courtesy of BarkPost [INFOGRAPHIC]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Feb 06, 2015

I saw this infographic on BarkPost earlier, and thought it was worth sharing on our SportBlog, as it's important to know which foods are unsafe for our pups.

dog eating chocolate valentines day

And because we like sharing pertinent information for dog owners!

Just like humans, all dogs are different.  So what is not harmful to one may be harmful to another, and vice versa.  My boxer, for example, has mischievously gotten into things she shouldn't eat - like dove chocolates and oreos - on a few occasions when I left her at home by herself.  Other than having to go to the bathroom a little more frequently than normal for a few days, she was fine.  Then again, she's a big dog, with a larger digestive tract and stronger internal organs.

In no way would I ever give her these foods or condone that it's ok - the point is, I was very relieved when she didn't die from it.  But again, what's harmful to some may not be harmful to others.  (WARNING: Do NOT feed your dog oreos and dove chocolates.)

Regardless, there are some foods that it is always in your best interest as a dog owner to make sure your pup cannot easily access.  (Like chocolate) - See the infographic below courtesy of BarkPost.

foods that are unsafe for dogs

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