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The Science Behind Why Wet Dogs Smell

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Jan 29, 2015

No matter how clean I keep my dog, when he's wet, he always smells a little dog funky!  And I'm guessing yours does too.  Well here's why...

siberian husky after shower

Apparently, dogs build up a lot of bacteria and yeast within their coats during the course of their lives - this isn't surprising - it happens to humans too.  It's why we take showers, brush our teeth, etc...

When these microscopic organisms in the fur or hair are dry, they are virtually scentless.  But when in contact with water, the H2O molecules break down the chemical bonds that hold the micro-bacteria together and often emit a musty odor into the air.  Hence that whole stale smell of a wet pup!  (It smells even worse when it's hot or humid because moister, higher temperature air can hold more of these smelly molecules.)

So the next time your dog gets wet and smelly, you can rest assured that it's not necessarily because you haven't been taking good hygienic care of your canine!  It's just science, people...

(Having said that, please, for the sake of your pup's and all of our noses, keep your dogs as nicely groomed as possible...)

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