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NBC to Offer Free Live Stream for Super Bowl

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Jan 20, 2015

So this isn't a dog/pet related article, but we're called SportLeash - and this is some pretty cool sports news...

In an effort to build awareness for an industry-wide effort called "TV Everywhere" NBC has just announced that it will live stream this year's Super Bowl ... for free.  

NBC execs say that the network plans to leverage the broad reach of football's biggest event to promote TV Everywhere, a platform that allows cable subscribers to access content through internet based services.  Users can expect to see ads for TV Everywhere throughout the live stream, but the ads will be geared to convey how easy it is to authenticate in order to view the content.  And as anyone who has tried live streaming in the past knows, having to enter cable subscription credentials in order to view content can be a huge bottleneck - viewers of NBC's Super Bowl live stream will not have to worry about this step.

It is worth noting that NBC does not have the live streaming rights for mobile - the NFL gave that exclusively to Verizon - so users of the NBC platform will only be able to access the game via a desktop computer or tablet.

The event is also significant in the digital world as it marks the very first time that NBC has gained the rights to stream the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which this year features performances by Lenny Kravitz and Katy Perry.

Coverage will last approx. 11 hours, beginning around 12pm on February 1st.

So in the event you're not in front of a TV, make sure to have those devices fully charged.

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