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World's Wealthiest Animals [TOP 4 LIST]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Jan 20, 2015

After reading the story of Rose Ann Bolasny, the woman who recently decided to leave $1 million in her will to her Maltese, I had to research...


Now we know it might be hard to not be annoyed by this list, but try to look on the bright side!  (I don't know what the bright side is, I'm just trying to be positive...)

Here is a short list of the richest animals in the known world, according to

1.)  Gunther - net worth $370 million plus

The Richie Rich of all the animal kingdom is a German shepherd named Gunther (seen being just so cool with his minions above) who inherited roughly $150 million after the passing of his German countess owner, Karlotta Liebenstein.  Some sources cite that Gunther's current net worth is somewhere in the $370 million range.  Gunther has butlers, chefs, chauffeurs, and a Miami mansion that was once owned by pop star Madonna.  #AreYouKiddingMe?

2.)  Luke, Layla, Sunny, Lauren and Sadie - combined net worth $30 million

This is Oprah Winfrey's current pet menagerie, and if they all outlived the TV mogul, they would be splitting about $30 million.  Otherwise, the $30 million is supposedly going to whatever pet stands the test of time.  #OutlivingOprah

3.)  Blackie - net worth $25 million

Blackie became the world's richest cat after his owner Ben Rea died.  Rea reportedly gave nothing to his relatives, and left Blackie a cool $25 million.  No one knows where Blackie is though, so there's a good chance I might be going on a covert op real soon.  #OperationFindBlackie

4.)  Gigoo - net worth $10 million

The world's wealthiest chicken aka "Gigoo" belonged to publishing tycoon Miles Blackwell.  Blackwell's wife died three weeks before his passing and after both deaths and supposedly a large portion of money to charity, Gigoo inherited the chicken coop.  #NoDollarMenuChicken

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