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Dogs That Are Just "Too Cool in the Cold" [GALLERY & 5 HELPFUL TIPS]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Jan 08, 2015

Many places in the US including the East Coast have been getting hit with some freezing cold weather, but these pups aren't going to let it stop them from getting outside!  (Having a full body fur coat helps...)

Regardless!  Check out the following gallery of pups who are aren't cold, but are still the absolute coolest... 

And then scroll to the bottom of the page for some helpful tips and hints for making sure your pup stays cool in the cold.

So Cool in the Cold [GALLERY]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Cold

1.)  Make sure that if it's freezing temps outside, you bring your dogs food into the garage or house.  It will be tough to eat if it's frozen!

2.)  If you have a shorter-haired/shaved dog, or one with a thinner coat of fur, they'll probably need a sweater!  Short-haired dogs don't stay as warm (obviously, right?!) so warm dog clothes are a good idea.

3.)  You should always keep an eye on what your pup is eating/getting into outside, but especially with snow on the ground, as you don't always know what's hiding underneath!  (Something to Think About:  Also be on the lookout for antifreeze on the ground and in puddles.)

4.  Many dogs have no problem being outside for a few, but make sure you're not keeping them out for long periods of time.  Monitor how long your pup has been frolicking about in the cold to ensure their protection from frostbite and hypothermia.

5.)  Leaving dogs in the car in the cold can be dangerous all around.  If you leave the car running, carbon monoxide poisoning can be harmful.  If you turn the car off, they run the risk of freezing.  So take them with you!  And if you  must, tie them up somewhere safe.  Our SportLeash Rec Pro has a side release buckle that makes clipping around a tree or pole easy as warm apple pie!

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