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Great Story: Facebook Leads Man to Lost Husky

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Dec 27, 2014

And yet another heart warming dog story...

A Tampa, FL man just got the best gift he ever could have hoped for .. his husky back.

David Held was away in North Carolina when he received a phone call informing him that his dog was missing.  Naturally, Held immediately "freaked out" and began contacting friends asking them to help find Winter, his lost husky.  Because Held was 600 miles away, his best (and really the only viable) option was the internet.  Held took to Facebook and posted:

"Friends in Tampa and St. Pete......I need your help. I have just been informed that my baby girl Winter has gone missing today. ... Please please please help me find her. I feel helpless that I can not be there."

Soon after posting his lost dog message, Held's inbox was receiving messages and hashtags directing him to the Tampa Police Facebook Page, where the police had posted a picture of a husky in the back of a cruiser that they had recently found.

And sure enough, it was Winter!

"You turned our Christmas nightmare into a Christmas miracle," said Mitch Robinson, Held's roommate who had been hitting the streets frantically searching for Winter while Held was out of town.

 (Sidenote - my father lost our family husky when I was a baby and despite his best efforts scouring our town, never found him ... this was way before social media.)

So for all the dog owners out there, if you ever need to find your pup, don't underestimate the power of Facebook.

1 point for you, Mr. Zuckerburg.

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Photo cred: Tampa Police Facebook page




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