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Dog Story of the Year Contender: Snowmobile Life Saver

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Dec 26, 2014

As we wind down get ready for 2015, we wanted to take a look at some of the greatest dog stories of this past year.

Story #1:  Dog saves snowmobiler in Alaska.

This past March, 52 year-old Otis Orth was on a mission to retrieve supplies in a remote Alaskan town about 120 miles north of Anchorage.  He was with his 15-month old golden retriever, Amber, when his snowmobile accidentally careened over a hallow snow drift, sending him and Amber flying in the air and ultimately sliding 30 feet.  

Orth was immobilized, with cuts and injuries all down his arms, legs and shoulders.  Amber, his loyal pup, literally laid on top of him/next to him all night to keep him warm, as temperatures dipped into the single digits.

Over the next 24 hours, Amber wouldn't leave her owner's side.  At one point, she even chased off a raven who was examining Orth's body.   Eventually, Orth heard other snowmobilers off in the distance and summoned Amber to get their attention.  Amber, who hadn't strayed more than 20 feet away from Orth up to this point, obliged, and got the attention of the men, who kept Orth warm until a LifeMed helicopter arrived.  Amber wouldn't even leave Orth when the other men tried to move her away from the landing zone.  Talk about loyalty!

The Alaskan man was eventually stabilized in an Anchorage hospital, needing a few pretty serious surgeries - but ultimately would recover, all thanks to his amazing dog.

Orth had rescued Amber from a kennel in the December prior to the accident.  He saved her life, and then she saved his!

Truly an amazing story.

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Image cred:  Outside Magazine




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