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YouTube's Most Popular Video - 'Mutant Giant Spider Dog'

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Dec 11, 2014

Google, internet behemoth and future ruler of the free world, announced this week that the most trending video of 2014 was a Polish filmmakers short film that featured his dog dressed up like a tarantula, BBC news reported.
The short horror film, which is just under 4 minutes long, features a giant tarantula running around creating some serious terror, and has garnered almost 116 million views as of today, December 11th, 2014.  According to BBC, Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" music video was the most popular music video with 720 million views and counting.
The video, although it is supposed to be a horror film, is actually pretty funny when you realize it's a dog running around chasing people - because the dog is probably just thinking he wants to play!  But dressed up as a tarantula, climbing all over it's victims and destroying everything in it's path, (when in reality he's probably licking them and giving them kisses) makes for a pretty creative endeavor.
Can anyone say Paw-rachnophobia??
Check out the video for yourself - it's pretty cool!
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