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5 of the Most Active Dog Breeds

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Oct 16, 2014

Are you looking for the perfect pup to live your active life with??  Here are 5 of the Most Active Dog Breeds that you can take anywhere and everywhere - and they'll have no trouble keeping up!

1.) The Siberian Husky

Bred to pull sleds (and pretty much anything imaginable) Siberian Huskies are born for activity.  You better be an active person yourself if you want to keep up with these guys/girls!  (Sidenote:  They are also one of the most beautiful breeds, I.E. @griffthecoolest pictured above.)

2.)  The Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks were originally bred to hunt lions in Africa .... Need we say more?!!  You have to be pretty darn athletic to hunt a lion.  (Sidenote:  Their short hair makes them a great choice for dog owners who live in warmer climates.)

3.)  The Labrador Retriever

It's not a surprise that the Lab makes this list, considering they are one of the most popular dogs for dog owners and families in the U.S.  They are great with kids, they are awesome for hunting, they pretty much go anywhere and do anything, and usually with a smile on their cute faces!  (Sidenote:  You can have your pick of the litter as well, considering labs come in Yellow, Chocolate and Black, as the handsome devil pictured above.)

4.)  The Bernese Mountain Dog

Their name pretty much says it all ... These dogs are ready for the mountain!  So if your active lifestyle finds you hiking, walking, running, camping, etc, these guys are a great option to be your #1 companion.  (Sidenote:  You can call them BMG's for short.)

5.)  Border Collie

Not only are Border Collie's always making the cut as being one of the most active dog breeds, they are consistently being remarked as the smartest dogs in the world.  In fact, they were first bred in Scotland specifically for obedience and intelligence.  If you like working out/exercising regularly and need a dog by your side at all times, the Border Collie is a darn good choice.  (Sidenote:  They can live up to 17 years - and that's cool too!)


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