26 Epic Dog Fails

Reynold Krieg
Reynold Krieg

Sep 30, 2014

In most cases a dog is a man's best friend.  In the 26 cases below, that was certainly not the case.  

1.) "Remember all those nights you cried at 3 am as a baby? Revenge!"

2.) "I told you I wanted ORGANIC!"

3.) "I'm 2. Did you forget how to count?!"

4.) "Oh? This is your pizza?"

5.) Just don't forget his pepperoni...

6.) He just marked his territory on everyone watching TV.

7.) "Dude, you gotta do something about yo breath."

8.) "That'll teach you to leave me in the car."

9.) These kids shouldn't exclude him.

10.) "I see you sitting on that couch, too lazy to get up."

11.) Stop with the "get the mail" dog tricks, alright?

12.) Use the Bat Dog Spray!

13.) I guess we know who's the smartest trainee.

14.) "This wouldn't be a problem if you left Animal Planet on."

15.) "I swear it wasn't me."

16.) Rejected, once again.

17.) Wait, WHAT?!

18.) Hat trick!

19.) Revenge is a treat... served cold.

20.) This is every 50s cartoon summed up.

21.) "Only a bowl of dried kibble a day... this'll teach you!"

22.) Gotta love 'em.

23.) What's the opposite of superheroes?

24.) "I swear this was necessary. You'll thank me when you don't find a squirrel in there."

25.) "Homework done. Play with me now."


(via ViraNovaDistractify)




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