Why Dogs are the Perfect Running Partner

Reynold Krieg
Reynold Krieg

Sep 23, 2014

All dog owners will unanimously tell you that the joys of having a dog are unparalleled.  Regardless of a bad day, there's always a tail wag and a happy tongue coming at you when you open the door after a long day at work.  Bad hair day...they think you look great.  Money problems...don't care they'll eat paper if they have to.  Wanna do nothing all day, but sit on the couch...they're in....they're always in!  Dogs are simply a man's best friend. 

For many of us, the companionship of a dog isn't restricted to the house or even the yard.  The best companion for a good run is without a doubt an athletic dog.  In my personal experience, I was never a runner.  I grew up playing team sports and I thought running was just a byproduct.  Running by itself was just....boring.  Then I got a Siberian Husky.  And there was simply no choice.  Having an energetic little Siberian Husky puppy is like having a Tasmanian devil as your roommate.  Destruction and mischievous behavior will occur if they're not properly exercised!

Best Running Dogs

So we started running.  At first, as most of you know, getting used to running is like teaching your mind to meditation.  It's the opposite ADHD feeling you get when you check your phone 4 times every 3 minutes.  You first have to learn to relax your mind and just calmly enjoy the run.  Then you learn what endurance is...that part is not fun (for you).  And finally after a while you realize what stamina is.  All the while, your dog has mastered all three of these on his first jog around the blog..

.Best Running Dogs

Now most people love a running partner, similar to, but still very different to the people who like a workout (gym) partner.  A running partner is essentially a pacemaker or someone that pushes you when you start getting lazy...this is all about competition and motivation. Different from a gym partner, however, you can't really talk too much during a brisk jog, which is why a dog makes a great alternative for a running partner.  Most dogs pace fine with humans, but if you want to be pushed, there's never a question that your pooch can turn on the jets and always give you a little more of a kick in the butt when necessary. 

Additionally, will never hear a lame excuse come out of your dog's snout.  In fact, dogs will run anywhere, anytime, for whatever distance you want to go for.  And on top of that, they'll do it wagging their tail with a dog smile on their pretty little face!

Best Running Dogs

Lastly, companionship...just like the bond you have with your dog when you're having a lazy day just watching the toob, the connection between you and your dog while you're running strengthens your relationship and your bond.  Running is great for both physical and mental health of you and your dog.  Releasing energy helps alleviate any unwanted, negative behavior which is rewarding to you when you don't have to have pillows or shoes eaten up every other day.  At the same time, we all know it's important to feed your dog properly, but it's just as important to keep him physically fit.  As our society has grown more and more overweight, so have our canine companions...and they don't have a choice to get up and leave to go to the gym so it's important that we get them outside and get them the proper amount of exercise to keep them healthy.  

Either way, running with your dog for 3 minutes or 30 minutes a day yields enormous dividends and is great for your both you and your dog's health. Your dog will love you and you will both look and feel better every mile marker you pass.  



Note:  Running a puppy too much can stunt his growth and cause longer term issues with his joints, bones, and muscles.  Similarly, running an old dog too much can cause joint, muscle, and bone discomfort or injury.  Always remember to consult your vet to ensure your dog is healthy enough to run with you. 






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