The Top 10 Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Reynold Krieg
Reynold Krieg

Sep 04, 2014

At the SportLeash team, maintaining our health is one of our highest aspirations.  You only get one body...fortunately for most of us, we do have control over what we can put in them.  Now it's certainly more expensive to graduate to the all organic, all natural diets...and that's definitely one of the best avenues to take as you refine your diet.  The downside is not everyone can afford to maintain an all natural, all organic diet with the premium cost it entails.  Good thing is, there are plenty of healthy foods you can eat that don't like paper....and I'm not going to get into super-health nut mode (we'll let you scroll through Instagram for that), but eating properly and drinking plenty of water will go a long way. 

Now most of you are wondering, "Renny, get on with it...I thought this was a dog post...".  

It is a post about dogs, and just as you take into consideration what you put into your body...the little furry pal of yours has no idea and really a lot less self control when it comes to his.  If you don't maintain your probably won't be keeping him from eating the McDonalds fries that just spilled across the floor.  They get one body and one life as well...unfortunately for both of us, their life span isn't nearly as long.  So maintain your diet and transition that knowledge and discipline into what you feed your favorite furballs.

Here is a list of things human foods that dogs can happily eat.

10) Pumpkin

9) Apples 


8) Sweet Potato

7) Cheese

With dairy products, just like humans, some dogs are lactose intolerant. Make sure to start your dog out with a small amount of any dairy products and monitor the effects.  You know what happens when humans eat too much lactose.  Now imagine that happening in your living room if you're not careful!

6) Eggs

Back in the day wild dogs could snatch up eggs from a nest and eat them.  There's some discussion as to weather the shell and/or cooking the eggs is necessary for dogs.  Either way, a boiled egg (or scrambled if you really want to spoil them) is always a fan favorite. 

5) Tuna

4) Carrots

3) Yogurt

Like all dairy products make sure to observe and monitor your dogs reaction to yogurt.  Stick to the natural plain yogurt without artificial flavoring to steer clear of any additional digestive issues. 

2) Lean Meat

Lean is key! If it's not lean go in moderation. Too much fat can go right through them. 


1) Peanut Butter




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