Michigan Kennel Is A Husky/Husky Lovers Dream [NEWS]

Matt Formica
Matt Formica

Mar 09, 2016

husky kennel offers racing tours

If you live anywhere near McMillan, Michigan and happen to love huskies and the great outdoors, then you need to check out what's happening at Nature's Kennel ... immediately.

Tucked into the often cold, snowy yet beautiful nature in McMillan (within Newberry State Forest) is Nature's Kennel Sled Dog Racing & Adventures; which isn't just a kennel, but a tourism operation like no other.

It's an active dog owners dream.

Because here, owner-managers Ed and Tasha Stielstra are caring for upwards of 200 Alaskan huskies, who are always ready to fulfill your dreams of controlling your own iditarod.

While most similar operations only allow visitor participants to sit in the sled, at Nature's Kennel, for $600 per person, anyone can learn how to and then drive a team of these huskies through a 20-mile trail in the American wilderness all by themselves.  With nothing but howling canines and the open snow in their path.

And there's even more ... Upon completion of the course, you and your sled team arrive at an overnight location and enjoy a well earned dinner - prepackaged for the humans, kibble and ground beef for the pooches.

Sounds good to us...

Our only question is, can we bring our handsome spokesmodel slash sled leader? he's ready ... (See below).

siberian husky sled dog racing iditarod


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