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SNL Presents: 'Dissing Your Dog' With Will Ferrell [FUNNY VIDEO]

April 18, 2016

 While dog training is a necessary and rewarding part of being a dog owner, we all know that it isn't always easy... So we thought we'd help get you through the rest of your Monday by showing you one of our favorite Saturday Night Live skits of all time.  It's called "Dissing Your Dog" and it features the great Will Ferrell at his finest; this time playing Dale Sturtevant, dog trainer extraordinaire and infomercial star, who presents his fool proof system for training your dog by using "mockery and verbal humiliation..." Just watch.  It's priceless. Hit us up anytime!  We're very social...              Video credit -

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4 Tips For Walking/Running With Your Dog in the City

March 22, 2016

Running with your dog in the city can be a challenge.  Follow these four tips and make your active urban dog life a little easier. Have the right gear. Running and walking wih your dog in the city is a lot easier when you have the right gear.  Hands free leashes are becoming a near necessity (with all the things we humans are carrying these days) and products like our SportPack help take your active dog owner life to the next level by including pockets for your phone, keys, wallet/IDs and poo bags (you never want to leave home without one of those).   Find the quieter neighborhoods. No matter what city you live in, there are always areas that...

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Michigan Kennel Is A Husky/Husky Lovers Dream [NEWS]

March 09, 2016

If you live anywhere near McMillan, Michigan and happen to love huskies and the great outdoors, then you need to check out what's happening at Nature's Kennel ... immediately. Tucked into the often cold, snowy yet beautiful nature in McMillan (within Newberry State Forest) is Nature's Kennel Sled Dog Racing & Adventures; which isn't just a kennel, but a tourism operation like no other. It's an active dog owners dream. Because here, owner-managers Ed and Tasha Stielstra are caring for upwards of 200 Alaskan huskies, who are always ready to fulfill your dreams of controlling your own iditarod. While most similar operations only allow visitor participants to sit in the sled, at Nature's Kennel, for $600 per person, anyone can learn...

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Mountain Dew's Puppymonkeybaby Ad Kills It!! [FUNNY VIDEO]

February 23, 2016

If it wasn't for Mountain Dew, half of our executive team at SportLeash would have never made it through 2008... And if it wasn't for commercials like the new "Puppymonkeybaby" ad (from the makers of Mountain Dew), it would be really hard for all of us to get through those long commercial breaks in between our favorite shows... If you haven't seen it, please watch immediately! Mountain Dew...we tip our hats. Note: (2008 was the year we began brainstorming SportLeash, and we lived off Mountain Dew caffeine...) For more dog videos and cool canine content, follow/like us @SportLeash on:      

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