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SportLeash: At the Intersection of Quality, Function, and Style

Posted on: April 19, 2017

People are always asking us why our products are better. The simple answer is, we care.  We know what dog owners want and need because we were dog owners long...
15 Dog Breeds Born to Run ... Away!

Posted on: April 19, 2017

"Seeeeeee yaaaaaa!"   When I was a baby, my mom found a flea on my head.  Naturally, she blamed our dog. She was so upset - I was the first...
5 Signs Your Dog is Suffering From Canine Joint Pain

Posted on: April 06, 2017

It's an enviable part of the doggy lifecycle unfortunately....after the cute puppy dog days your dog grows into an adult...has hopefully a good decade or longer and then starts to slow...
5 Ways Dogs Show Pain

Posted on: April 05, 2017

Prior to being domesticated animals, dogs would hide any physical pain they were experiencing so as not to appear weak and vulnerable to predators. This was simply a survival tactic they were...
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